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ABOUT Joshua
I discovered I have celiac disease in 2006, after my son was diagnosed, and have been on a gluten-free diet ever since. We are on a mission to help make the gluten-free lifestyle as fun and easy as possible. In addition to my work on, I also provide counseling and psychotherapy services to others with celiac disease and crohn's disease, among other chronic medical conditions.
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Most Land O'Lakes Butters Gluten Free
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Land O'Lakes® butter is gluten free. (This does NOT include Land O'Lakes LIGHT Butter, which the company says does contain gluten.

Submitted on Jul 31, 2012

Duncan Hines Frostings: Gluten and Dairy Free
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Gluten Free Frostings used to be tough to find. Not anymore. The most recent entrant into the fray is Duncan Hines. Betty Crocker (owned by General Mills) used to be the sole mass-market player in this space. But Duncan Hines is all in with its frostings, and it has an added advantage in that most do not contain milk.

Submitted on Jul 08, 2011

Gluten Free @ Slice
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Slice is a pizzeria located in the Chelsea district of Manhattan in New York City. Slice's gluten-free pizza is gourmet and is therefore probably not the best option for kids. We may have made a mistake by having the marinara sauce on the pizza, which was

Submitted on Apr 23, 2011

Kraft Foods Gluten Labeling Policy
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Kraft considers itself to be a "true labeling" company. This means they feel that everything that is in one of their food products is included on the label. If the product has wheat, rye, barley or oats, it will be clearly labeled as such. Many food product companies will use terms such as "natural flavor" that leave you with no idea whether or not there is gluten in the product. Kraft indicates on their website, and on a phone call (2/24/11), that (Continue Reading)

Submitted on Feb 24, 2011

Gluten Free Pasta
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Tip: Use gluten-free pastas that taste as close to the wheat pastas you used to enjoy before you started a gluten-free diet.

While I know this sounds obvious, it's important. Pasta feels like a big loss for most that have to go gluten free. If this is true for you, get this sorted out quickly!

Following my diagnosis, I also recoiled at the thought of no more lasagna, baked ziti, pasta penne, and liguine with white or red clam sauce.

Submitted on Dec 07, 2010

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