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P.J. Clarke's - Washington, D.C.
1600 K Street NW, Washington DC, 20006
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P.J. Clarke's in Washington, D.C. is able to accomodate a gluten free diet via some of their meat dishes that do not have any flour or other forms of gluten, such as steaks and their Grilled Chicken Paillard. If you want a salad, the only dressing they will provide is oil and vinegar. Be sure to talk to your server and then the manager or chef if you are not comfortable with how knowledgeable he or she is about gluten.

Submitted on Apr 10, 2013

Gluten Free Progresso Soups
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Progresso has several gluten free soups that are a staple in our home. We usually get the Traditional Chicken Rice, but there are several other options. These are also a great addition for your gluten free emergency preparedness hordes. You will often find them on sale at certain time of the year, and we've found them recently for as low as $1.

Submitted on Feb 04, 2013

Sticky Fingers Bakery Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Scones
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These gluten free scones were the most delicious gluten free baked good I've ever made. I don't even love scones, but these were amazing. I even had someone who doesn't eat gluten free taste them and she loved them -- couldn't tell that they were gluten free. And, they are sooo easy to make!

Submitted on Jan 29, 2013

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries
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Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries are "fruit juice pieces made with acai, pomegranate, cranberry and blueberry juices and dipped in smooth chocolate." The dark chocolate contrasts nicely with the tangy fruit pieces. As with Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Covered Toffee Popcorn, they have grown on me as I've worked my way through the 8 ounce bag.

Submitted on Jan 24, 2013

The Green
5 West Creek Road, Nantucket, Massachusetts, 02554
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The Green on Nantucket offers several gluten free options. Most importantly, they have gluten free burritos. Fabulously awesome gluten free burritos. Soft, chewy brown rice wraps that are quite frankly the best I've had since I've gone GF. You can build your own burrito, which includes all kinds of options. They do not have a separate gluten free menu.

Submitted on Dec 05, 2012

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