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Ambiguous Changes After Diagnosis
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One of the problems with any chronic illness is that the way in which it changes an individual's life can be ambiguous. Trying to pin down exactly what is different can be difficult. There is change, and it can start to feel overwhelming. When this happens - in relation to Celiac Disease - the person ceases to work through their transition from what their life looked like before diagnosis to a new and functional (and hopefully happy!) gluten free life.

Sorting through what has changed and what hasn't can be confusing.

Submitted on Feb 11, 2014

Gluten Free Cereals
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There's no one cereal out there that I crave the way I used to crave gluten containing cereals.

But, I do find that if I mix 4 or 5 of them together, I come up with something that's a little more up my alley. I usually will use Rice Chex and/or Whole O's as a base, and then a very small amount of other gluten free cereals that add a small amount of sweetness.

Submitted on Feb 11, 2014

ConAgra's Gluten Free Foods
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I called ConAgra today, because the ConAgra Gluten Statement on it's website gave the impression that they have no gluten free products. This is not the case according to their customer service representative.

I am still waiting to hear back from them regarding Hunt's Ketchup, as their customer service representative did not have information regarding whether or not it contains gluten.

Submitted on Feb 11, 2014

How to Find Hidden Gluten on Food Labels
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It's important that we are very careful when we read labels. Yes, we are looking for wheat, rye, barley and (contaminated) oats.

But, some food companies like to print other names for wheat in their products, which describe different forms of wheat, wheat products and stages of wheat processing.

Here are the names that can be found for wheat on the National Institutes of Health's

Submitted on Feb 11, 2014

Celiac Disease Testing
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For those that have Celiac Disease, it can be a long and painful road before finally receiving a proper diagnosis.

The process used by most physicians:

Several blood tests are used to screen for antibodies commonly present in individuals with Celiac Disease.

As of Feb. 10th, 2011, Quest Diagnostics lists the following tests as part of it's Celiac Panel:

> Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) Antibody, IgA

> Gliadin Antibody, IgA

> Total IgA

> Endomysial Antibody (EMA) Screen, IgA- performed (at additional charge) when the anti-tTG IgA is positive

> EMA Titer-performed (at additional charge) when the EMA screen is positive

> tTG Antibody, IgG-performed (at additional charge) when total IgA is low

A positive result in one or more of these will likely lead to a recommendation for an Upper Gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Submitted on Feb 11, 2014

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