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Failure to Thrive Can be a Symptom of Celiac Disease
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Since my son's birth, he started to fall off of the growth chart. He was born a month early.. so he started out small. But, he was in the 25% percentile for height at birth and well below the 5% by 4 months. By 9 months, the doctors started take note and mention that it was something they were watching. By a year, they started to talk about growth hormones. Fortunately, I was familiar with Celiac disease, because my niece has it.

Submitted on Jul 18, 2012

Gluten Free Ice Cream and Popsicles
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When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I had lost weight and was advised by my dietician to eat "a big bowl of ice cream" every night. I've got no problem with that!

With warmer weather approaching, it's a great time to figure out exactly what frozen treat options are available to the gluten free nation. Here is the information I have come up with so far, and I'll update this as I hear back from more frozen treat producers.

Submitted on Mar 10, 2011

Most Land O'Lakes Butters Gluten Free
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Land O'Lakes® butter is gluten free. (This does NOT include Land O'Lakes LIGHT Butter, which the company says does contain gluten.

Submitted on Jul 31, 2012

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