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Feel Good Foods Egg Rolls
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I had Feel Good Foods' dumplings last summer while traveling and really loved them. If I found them at a store again, I'd buy them in a second. So, when I saw Feel Good Foods Egg Rolls at my grocery store, I was excited to try them. In my opinion, they weren't as good as the dumplings. I wouldn't buy them again. It's possible that I haven't had egg rolls in so long that I don't like them anymore.

Submitted on Mar 07, 2013

Gluten Free List: Just Diagnosed Basics
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Here is a list for those who have just been diagnosed and want to run out and get the basics. This will be a living document that will be revised over time as needed.

Remember that Gluten is a protein (actually a group of proteins) found primarily in WHEAT, RYE and BARLEY. OATS are also usually contaminated and should not be consumed unless they are specially produced, transported and processed GLUTEN FREE OATS.

Submitted on Jul 23, 2012

Glutino Original Gluten Free Crackers
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Glutino's Original Crackers are our default crackers. They are probably the closest thing to a saltine on the gluten free market, but they have a bit more flavor than saltines. We have them on hand for cheese and crackers, soup or when anyone in our family is coming out of some kind of stomach malady. Also grea

Submitted on Feb 28, 2013

31 of 31pages

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