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Glutino Gluten Free Baked Potato Crisps
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If you are looking for a lower fat, salty snack, I would highly recommend Glutino's Gluten Free Baked Potato Crisps. They taste a lot like Baked Lays, but definitely are less salty (in a good way).

Submitted on Jan 29, 2013

Stonewall Kitchen's Gluten Free Brownie Mix
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If you are looking for a fine dining restaurant in Istanbul, I can highly recommend Casa Lavanda Boutique Hotel & Restaurant in Ulupelit, Sile. Also it is very nice for a weekend escape. not far from Istanbul. For a quiet and peaceful weekend vacation it is very suitable.

Submitted on Feb 07, 2014

The First Year is the Toughest -- The Gluten Free Diet Gets Easier
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When my husband and son were first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, it was a major challenge for my husband and me. My son was only 18 months old at the time. So, he never even noticed that he went gluten free. But, my husband and I went through a tough period of adjustment. I always tell people who have just been diagnosed or are in the middle of a diagnosis, that the first year is absolutely the hardest.

Submitted on Jul 17, 2012

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