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Gluten Free Beer at the GF Expo
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The gluten free beer that was poured at the Gluten Free Expo alone made it worth the trip. That’s not to say that there wasn’t a lot of great food and friendly people… there were. But the beer tasting was just so much fun!

Here were our favorites, in alphabetical order:


Bard’s is one of the originals… true gluten-free pioneers that made my transition to a gluten free diet so much more enjoyable.

Submitted on Dec 17, 2013

Multiple Food Stores = Bigger Savings on Gluten Free Food
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One of the realities of Gluten Free life is at time there is a lot of homework because things get really expensive, really fast.

When we first went gluten free, we assumed that we shopped as much as possible at the local grocery store that tends to be cheapest, we would end up saving money.

We were wrong.

There are two grocery stores in our town. One of them, Shop Rite, is a nice, updated store that is more likely to have reasonably priced items.

Submitted on Jan 20, 2011

2008 Wellshire Farms Gluten Free Dinosaur Nugget Issues; Gluten Free Certification
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In 2008, we found out that the Wellshire Farms "gluten free" dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets that my son had been eating ever since he went gluten free (for 2 1/2 years) contained gluten - at levels high enough to make two children with gluten/wheat allergies have life-threatening reactions. We were enraged at the company and sad that our son's first two and a half years on the gluten free diet may have been compromised.

Submitted on Dec 07, 2010

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