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Gluten is More Difficult to Digest Than Other Proteins
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Gluten is not digested as well as other proteins. Most proteins are reduced to a one or two amino acids during digestion, while gluten is left a 33 amino acid peptide chain when it hits the small intestine. Researchers from Australia announced in 2010 that they found (Continue Reading)

Submitted on Feb 22, 2013

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Glutenberg has hit the shelves in the state of New Jersey, and it's quite a treat to have access to a beer in a can. Not too long ago, there were just a few gluten-free beers, and now there are so many options. It also wasn't so long ago that everyone wanted all of their beers in a bottle.

I recently tasted all 3 of the Glutenberg beers at a Gluten Free Expo, so I knew that I wanted the pale ale, and I have been enjoying it at home.

Submitted on Feb 07, 2014

Annie's Gluten Free Mac & Cheese
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My daughter LOVES Annie's Gluten Free Mac & Cheese. It's just like Kraft's basic Mac & Cheese in the little box - you just boil the pasta and add a few ingredients. Unlike Kraft's Mac & Cheese, Annie's says to only add the cheese packet and milk. Yes, that's more healthy. But, to get a creamier taste, I add less milk and a dollop of butter. Also, the time suggested to boil the pasta is not long enough.

Submitted on Nov 29, 2012

Good Seasons Dressing and Recipe Mixes Now Contain Gluten!
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Kraft has gone ahead and added gluten to its Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing and Recipe Mix. Horrible call from a company that has a true labeling policy that is quite helpful to those of us with sensitivities or allergies. One of our staples now unavailable to us.

Submitted on Mar 07, 2013

Ambiguous Changes After Diagnosis
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One of the problems with any chronic illness is that the way in which it changes an individual's life can be ambiguous. Trying to pin down exactly what is different can be difficult. There is change, and it can start to feel overwhelming. When this happens - in relation to Celiac Disease - the person ceases to work through their transition from what their life looked like before diagnosis to a new and functional (and hopefully happy!) gluten free life.

Sorting through what has changed and what hasn't can be confusing.

Submitted on Feb 11, 2014

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