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Schar Gluten Free Cheese Bits
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My daughter, who isn't gluten free and loves Goldfish snacks, thought that these didn't taste cheesy enough. I enjoyed them and thought that their flavor and subtle cheesiness was very enjoyable.

Submitted on Mar 07, 2013

Celiac Disease at College
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For individuals with Celiac Disease who are about to head off to college, know that research is your best friend. Be exhaustive in your research as you begin to select the pool of schools to which you are going to apply. You want to make sure that the school you choose is going to provide you with what you need at college.

Here are some thoughts:

Contact the school's head dietician and find out what they do for people on a gluten free diet.

Submitted on Jan 21, 2011

Edy's Fruit Bars
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Edy's Fruit Bars are gluten free. They are a healthier dessert treat for kids and very yummy. According to Edy's website (on 11/29/2012) these flavors are gluten free: Acai Blueberry Creamy Coconut Grape Lemonade Lime Lime, Strawberry & Wildberry Mango No Sugar Added Black Cherry, Stra

Submitted on Dec 04, 2012

Celiac Disease? Ohhhh, That Makes Total Sense!
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Once I got my diagnosis of Celiac Disease, the pieces of the puzzle just fell right into place.

Here's where my mind raced back to:

In elementary school, I frequently had to run to the bathroom after lunch.

In high school it was after Pizza Hut. My friends and I would go from there to a movie theater across the street. They would get us seats while I was high tailing it to the bathroom.

Submitted on Jan 20, 2011

Some Perdue Wings Are Gluten Free
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Perdue has frozen Buffalo wings, and they are great. Be sure that you like your wings HOT because these are definitely very spicy.

On Perdue's gluten free list they list them as PERDUE BUFFALO STYLE JUMBO CHICKEN WINGS, yet on the label they are called PERDUE Buffalo Style Chicken Wings - there is no "JUMBO" listed on the package.

Submitted on Feb 15, 2011

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