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Fuel Pizza
1606 K Street NW, Washington DC, Washington DC, 20006
202-659-3835  E-mail   Menu   Gluten Free Menu  US $10-19 per entree

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Fuel Pizza (1606 K Street, Washington, D.C.) offers gluten free pizza and gluten free beer, and they were very good to us during out recent trip to Washington, D.C. It was one of two restaurants that we visited more than once on our 5-day stay, and it was a unanimous decision to go back amongst all in our family.

The pizza crust was excellent. It was crispy and not too sweet, which are two of the hallmarks of a great gluten free crust.

Fuel Pizza's Gluten Free Pie

Our kids also loved the huge window at the front of the store. On the second floor, there is bar seating (not alcohol bar) and they loved sitting on stools and peering out at all the bustle D.C. had to offer.

There are several Fuel locations in North Carolina, one in South Carolina, and another Washington, D.C. location at 600 F Street at 6th Street NW.


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