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Primo Pizza 84
57 West 84th (between Columbus & CPW), New York, New York, 10024
(212) 874-2000  E-mail   Menu   Gluten Free Menu  US $10-19 per entree

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Primo Pizza on the Upper West Side (of Manhattan) offers a gluten free pizza and pasta. I haven't tasted it, but the price is a bit steep. A 12" cheese pizza is $15 and any other style is $23 (i.e. Margarita, Tomato & Pesto). And, Penne with butter sauce (that's what my daughter would order) is $11.95. That's the cost of 3 boxes of gluten free pasta (maybe 20 bowls of Penne with Butter sauce). So, if my son and husband went there for 2 12" pies and had anything on them, it would be almost $50 (with drinks, more). I would recommend taking a walk down the street to Pizzeria Uno where you can sit down, relax and save some money. But, I haven't tried it, maybe it's heaven and worth the high price. If someone has eaten their gluten free pizza, please comment.


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