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Gluten Free List: Just Diagnosed Basics
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Here is a list for those who have just been diagnosed and want to run out and get the basics. This will be a living document that will be revised over time as needed.

Remember that Gluten is a protein (actually a group of proteins) found primarily in WHEAT, RYE and BARLEY. OATS are also usually contaminated and should not be consumed unless they are specially produced, transported and processed GLUTEN FREE OATS.

Gluten may also be labeled as the following on food products: Einkorn, emmer, spelt, kamut Wheat starch, wheat bran, wheat germ, cracked wheat, hydrolyzed wheat protein, semolina, durum, Kamut, Khorasan Wheat, Malt or Barley Malt.

If you are not sure, follow the age old adage: "When in doubt, leave it out."

True Labeling: This means that the company that produces these food items asserts that everything that is in the food is on the list of ingredients, or that this is at least the case for any and all potential allergens and foods that are the root cause of a food sensitivity.

All eggs in their natural state (i.e. inside the shell) are gluten free

All fruits & vegetables in their natural state are gluten free - This does not include grains! This does not include canned or jarred produce. This means the fresh stuff you find in the produce section.

All cow's milk in its natural state is gluten free. Contact your local milk provider to ensure that any additives they add are free of gluten.

All fresh meats in their natural state are gluten free, unless they become cross-contaminated.

Butter & Other Spreads

Land o Lakes Butter - Salted and Unsalted Butter, Margarine & Table Spreads - NOT LIGHT BUTTER!
Parkay - All
Blue Bonnet - All
Fleischmann’s - All
Move Over Butter – All
Smart Balance Spreads - All

Oils & Vinegars

Wesson Oils – All
Smart Balance Omega Oil
Carapelli Olive Oils
Bertolli Olive Oils

Regina Vinegars
Heinz Distilled White Vinegar
Heinz Red Wine Vinegar
Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar
Heinz Garlic Wine Vinegar

Gluten Free Bread

Udi's Gluten Free Breads
Udi's Bagels
Udi's Muffins
Rudi's Gluten Free Breads
Glutino Gluten Free Breads

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Skippy Peanut Butters - Check labels to verify no gluten containing ingredients per Con Agra's policy

Peter Pan Peanut Butters - Made without ingredients containing gluten

Polaner All Fruit Jellies - Check the label near ingredients - It should say "Gluten Free"

Welch's Jelly, Jams & Spreads (ALL)


Rice Chex, Cinnamon Chex, Apple Cinnamon Chex, Corn Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Chocolate Chex Nature's Path Whole O's

Bob's Redmill Gluten Free Oats (Make sure it says "Gluten Free" on label, they also produce oats that are not gluten free)

Pancake Batter

Gluten Free Bisquick - NOT THE SAME AS REGULAR BISQUICK - You are looking for a mostly ORANGE box that clearly states "Gluten Free" in brown letters underneath "Bisquick" in blue letters.


Heinz Ketchup
Amy's Organic Ketchup
Frank's Red Hot


Ocean Spray Beverages - All
Diet Coke
Pepsi - All
Diet Pepsi - All
Seagrams Ginger Ale
Schweppes Ginger Ale
Mug Root Beer & Mug Cream
Diet Mug Root Beer - Diet Mug Cream

Lactaid Milk
Horizon Organic states they can't be 100% certain, but they "make every effort to ensure that Horizon organic products are free of wheat, wheat gluten, rye, oats, barley and malt."

Chock Full o'nuts Coffee
Melitta's Coffees

Chips & Snacks

Cape Cod Potato Chips
Green Mountain Gringo Tortilla Chips
Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels

From Frito Lay's Website

BAKED! LAY'S® Original Potato Crisps
BAKED! RUFFLES® Original Potato Crisps
CHEETOS® Puffs SIMPLY NATURAL™ White Cheddar Cheese Flavored Snacks
DORITOS® Toasted Corn Tortilla Chips
FRITOS® Lightly Salted Corn Chips
FRITOS® Original Corn Chips
LAY'S® Classic Potato Chips
LAY'S® Deli Style Potato Chips
LAY'S® Lightly Salted Potato Chips
LAY'S® SIMPLY NATURAL™ Sea Salt Flavored Thick Cut Potato Chips
LAY'S® STAX® Cheddar Flavored Potato Crisps
LAY'S® STAX® Mesquite Barbecue Flavored Potato Crisps
LAY'S® STAX® Original Potato Crisps
LAY'S® STAX® Salt & Vinegar Flavored Potato Crisps
LAY'S® STAX® Sour Cream & Onion Flavored Potato Crisps
LAY'S® Wavy Original Potato Chips
RUFFLES® Original Potato Chips
RUFFLES® Reduced Fat Original Potato Chips
RUFFLES® SIMPLY NATURAL™ Reduced Fat Sea Salted Potato Chips
SANTITAS® White Corn Triangles Tortilla Chips
SANTITAS® Yellow Corn Rounds Tortilla Chips
SANTITAS® Yellow Corn Strips Tortilla Chips
SANTITAS® Yellow Corn Triangles Tortilla Chips
TOSTITOS® Bite Size Rounds Tortilla Chips
TOSTITOS® Crispy Rounds Tortilla Chips
TOSTITOS® Extra Thin Tortilla Chips
TOSTITOS® Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips
TOSTITOS® SIMPLY NATURAL™ Blue Corn Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips
TOSTITOS® SIMPLY NATURAL™ Yellow Corn Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips
TOSTITOS® SCOOPS!® Tortilla Chips
TOSTITOS® Thick & Hearty Rounds Tortilla Chips


Kinnikinnick's Line of Gluten Free Cookies (Chocolate Chip, K'Kritters, S'Moreables, K-Toos, etc.) Will clearly say Gluten Free on the packages)

***** Please remember that you must decide for yourself what you are comfortable calling “gluten free.” There are a lot of individual factors that go into making this decision, so this list should not be viewed as an endorsement or certification of the products as being “gluten free.”

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