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The Worries I Had When My Son was First Diagnosed with Celiac Disease
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As a mom, when my son was first diagnosed (at 18 months of age) I went through a period of adjusting the expectations that I had for my son's future. I was sad that my son would have the challenge of the gluten free diet to deal with for the rest of his life. I feared that he would always feel different and that would be an issue that was difficult for him. I thought about what it would be like for him growing up gluten free -- having to bring his own food to birthday parties, trick-or-treating on Halloween, taking food to friends' houses and all of the other times that he would not be eating what everyone else was eating. I thought about college parties -- where beer was the only thing served (I'm not the type of parent to think that my teenager would be above these temptations.) I thought about when he grew up and was going out on a date. He would have to pick a special place to eat. Fortunately, five years into being the parent of a gluten free child, I can honestly say that the challenges of his first 6 years on a gluten free diet were truly not that big of a deal. And, I'm optimistic that the future gluten free challenges that I worried about when he was first diagnosed will be the same. My son usually doesn't care that he eats differently.  Sometimes, when I can tell he's sad that he can't have something (usually, when I didn't know that dessert or goodies were being served somewhere), I just ask him if he would like to go out for ice cream on the way home or stop at the store to buy a piece of candy.  This usually helps.  Also, I'm pretty sure that he uses Celiac disease to his advantage -- he loves being able to say to a friend's parent or a teacher, "Sorry, I cannot have that [insert the name of any healthy food that he doesn't like here i.e. cucumbers, broccoli, etc...], because it may contain gluten or have touched gluten." Sometimes there is a silver lining. I'm realistic that this will not always be the case. However, given the way that things have gone for him over the first six years, I know that we'll be able to help him deal with the tough times.

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