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Gluten Free Beer
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When I was first diagnosed, there were not any gluten free beers available for sale near my home. There now are several.

Here are my favorite Gluten Free beers, listed in no particular order.

G-Free by St. Peter's Brewery in Suffolk, U.K. I contacted them about where their beer can be found, and was given the following information: For information on where to find our beers in the US you can contact our distributors, Eurobrew Inc. by phone on: 1-508-881-9900 or by e-mail:

Redbridge by Anheuser-Busch. Probably the easiest to find. Very good!

Bard's Tale - Made in Minneapolis, MN. Brewed by a few guys with Celiac Disease. Very good beer!

Daura*** - Wins lots of gluten free beer competitions, deservingly so. Made in Spain. Tremendous.

Green's Gluten Free Beers - In the U.S.A. or Canada, click on the American/Canadian flag image to view the products available in North America. I personally find their Discovery Amber Ale to be their best. Excellent brew.

New Grist by Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, WI. Very good.

Pair any of them with my favorite homemade grilled gluten free pizza.

*** - Please note that Daura is made with Barley, and then the gluten protein is removed to less than 6 ppm (parts per million), which is lower than the 20 ppm recommended by the World Health Organization. Please talk to your doctor and conduct your own research so that you can comfortably make an informed choice about whether or not you want to drink Daura. I have never had a reaction and drink it regularly, but as I said, every man (and woman) needs to make this decision for himself.

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