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Toaster Oven for Gluten Free Travel
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For our summer vacation last year, we decided to buy a toaster oven to bring with us. We were going to stay at hotels, and we wanted to have flexibility beyond what the hotel and local restaurants had available.

Whenever we go on vacation car-trip style, we bring a big cooler with us. It's usually stocked with enough food for the ride and more. If we plan to drive really far, we'll try to call ahead to local supermarkets and see what they do or don't have available so we know what to bring. If there's a Whole Foods near our destination or somewhere along the way, we'll stop to load up on Udi's Gluten Free Bread.

At the hotel, since we were able to bring a toaster oven, we were able to make toast and toasted sandwiches, pizza, chicken nuggets and more. The added flexibility saved us time, money and definitely made the entire vacation more relaxing.

Submitted on Jan 26, 2011 - Category: Lifestyle


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